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New Houses

New Home Inspections and Construction/Phase Inspections

New home inspections are intended to identify work completed in construction of a new home.  These homes are new and held to the highest standards. While new homes are built by people, and people sometimes make mistakes we are here to catch them before they have a chance to cause a problem.  We also look to ensure that the home is built correctly, and that the quality of work is upheld.  

NOTE: All new home inspections include thermal imaging scan at no additional cost.

Construction or Phase Inspections are there to monitor the process of your home build and to catch defects or mistakes before they can be concealed.  Phase Inspections consist of pre-slab/foundation, pre-drywall, and a final inspection once the home is completed.

Pre Slab

structure and foundation logo.png

Pre-slab inspections look for defects that would not otherwise been seen after the foundation is poured, it is common to find defects in the trenches of the slab such as not dug deep enough, debris or water in the foundation area, reinforcements not properly supported, and damaged or missing moisture barriers.  Defects found at this point are typically easy to remedy before the slab is poured but very difficult afterwards.  

The inspector will also look to see if your forms are even/square and take measurements to make sure your foundation is thick enough once poured.  

Starting at $225


The pre-drywall inspection gives the inspector a look inside your home at its bones.  This is another good opportunity to look for possible defects that will soon be concealed.  One of the most common defects found during this inspection are missing or improperly located/placed anchor bolts, and gaps between lumber or framing.  This inspection typically takes longer as the inspector has to look at every board, nail, and anchor in the home to ensure nothing was missed.  

Starting at $345

Wood Frame of House
pre-drywall logo.png

Completed New Home 

Modern Home Garage
new construction inspection logo.png

This is the final home inspection of a new build.  It is very similar to a standard home inspection as everything in the home will be checked.  The final inspection is one of the most important.  This is where all the mechanical systems will be operated and checked to ensure they were installed up to current standards and operated to make sure your new home is move in ready when you close. 

Starting at $335

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