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We are a small business minded company focused on quality over quantity.  With the expertise that comes only from performing thousands of inspections.  As with most small businesses you get the same quality from the same people time after time.  No random selection of inspectors showing up.  The biggest part of our job is not just the inspection, it's communicating what the findings are and how that relates to the home.  One problem we hear about is how an inspector scared their clients from a home,  especially with inexperienced inspectors.  We aim to educate all of our clients with perspective in relation to modern standards, homes of the same age, and local.  We offer also offer consultation to future, current, and past clients as well as anyone that has questions about their home or anyone who has questions about an inspection even if not performed by us.

Not able to make it to your inspection, we offer virtual consultations and flexible scheduling, need a late or early start to get there, we can accommodate.

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