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Want to add sprinklers, pool or termite inspection to list? 
Check out the a la carte services listed below.  
Don't see what you need, give us a call were always happy to help.

Landscape irrigation system inspections are free with any home inspection.  Additional add-ons are $75 ea.


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Water Sprinkler

Landscape Irrigation Systems

When sprinklers are working correctly they can help maintain the beauty of your landcaping and yard,  when they aren't working they can damage your home and greatly add to your water bill.  As of this time this service is included free with all home inspecitons.

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Pool & Spa

Pools & Spas can provide great enjoyment and relaxation, make sure they are safe for you and your family.  Lack maintenance or repair can greatly effect the cost to own.  Make sure your new pool isn't going to take you to the bank before you can dive in. 

Designed Backyard

Septic Systems

Onsite wastewater systems can provide years of hassle free ownership, however if they aren't regularly maintained and inspected they can lead to unsanitary conditions and undesirable situations.  If caught early defects can be repaired before this happens.

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Termites can cause damage to your home without you even knowing.  Early detection and mitigation is key for termite control.  Some mortgage lenders even require a wood destroying insect inspection.

Have your home checked as part of a transaction and routine maintenance.    

Garage Construction

Detached Garage & Workshops

Detached garages and workshops can be just as complex as homes with electrical, plumbing, and even some with HVAC systems.  This is one area we find alot of DIY work on the structure performed.  Make sure it was done right.    


Thermal Imaging Scan

Thermal imaging is a great value adding service that can aid in locating moisture intrusions/water leaks, identify inadequate insulation and show overheating in locations like the electrical panel or at appliances.    As of this time this service is included free with all home inspections.

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