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Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Will My Inspection Take?

Your Inspection will typically take between 2-4 hrs.  There are many factors that may affect the time an inspection takes such as size, age, weather, and whether additional systems or add ons are included.
However our average inspeciton time is 2hrs and 45 min.

What is Included/Inspected?

A standard home inspection only covers the home itself as described in the Standards of Practice.  Click here to find out more.  

  If you would like to have addtional items inspected such as sprinklers, septic systems, outbuildings, ect added please notify the inspector prior to the appointment time. 

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

There are several factors that affect the price of a home inspection.  Size, age, and additional services can greatly affect the price.  Typically a standard home inspection for homes under 2500 sq. ft. average $300-$375 without add on services.  Price may vary when adding items if bundled together.  Contact your inspector and they can give you a more accurate quote.

Should I Attend the Inspection

We encourage you to attend the inspection if possible.  If not, we perform many absent inspections and can review the home's condition with you over the phone at your convenience.

Where is My Inspection Report?

Your inspection report will be electronically delivered to you after the inspection is completed.  ( typically that evening)  If You have not received your report make sure payment and inspection agreements have been signed.  We cannot release a report with out these 2 items completed.

What is your service Area?

We cover most of DFW and surrounding areas.  If your even remotely close to DFW we serve your area.  We don't charge for mileage, so If you think your new home is too far away give us a call, were more than happy to make the trip

What time should I arrive?

We encourage you to arrive towards the end of the inspection period with enough time to go over the results with your inspector.  Typically 30min. to an hour before the end.  This allows the inspector to focus on inspecting the property free from distractions and prevent alot of waiting on your part.  Not sure when to arrive, give the inspector a call to coordinate.

What should I do with the information in ther report?

Our best advice is to review the report and consult your realtor.  There are many factors to consider when negotiating that your realtor will take into consideration when advising you on your home purchase.

I Have Questions About Something in My Inspection Report.

We offer full support before, during, and after your inspection.  Even if it.s not related to your home or the inspection we are happy to assist you.  Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

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